The Early Years

In 1921, Curie Jackson was born in Sweetening, Alabama to Elvira and Nathan Jackson. Curie was the eldest son of twelve siblings growing up in the South. As the oldest boy in their family, Curie was looked up to by his younger siblings. As a young man, Curie worked on his family’s farm raising crops such as corn, cotton and all kinds of vegetables. He attended school when he could, managing to complete the sixth grade. Church attendance was a regular part of Curie’s early years that would have a profound impact on him for the rest of his life.

As A Young Man

In June of 1942, Curie, at the age of 20, began his lifelong marriage to Essie Hunley. In that same year, Curie enlisted in the United States Army. During the enlistment process an “l” was mistakenly added to Curie’s name and was never corrected. Over time, he would be called “Curlier” by family and friends. Curlier served in Okinawa, Japan as a Fuel Supply Truck Driver during World War II and was honorably discharged and returned home to Alabama in 1945. Upon returning home from military service, Curlier began his search for employment, however opportunities were few in the South. So Curlier joined many residents of the South during that time in the Great Migration to the North to look for work. In 1946, Curlie’s search for employment took him to Sandusky, Ohio, then Albany, New York before finally settling in Buffalo, New York where he and his family made their permanent home. Work in factories was plentiful in northern cities and Buffalo was no exception. Curlie’s first job in Buffalo was with the B&O Railroad. He then moved on to work for Barcalo Manufacturing, General Motors and finally Curtis-Wright Industries.

As A Man

Over the years, as Curlie’s family grew to include nine children. Curlier was known for being a walker and walked just about everywhere he went. Curlier recounted that on one New Year’s Eve in the early 1960’s, his walk was guided by a bright light in the evening sky that led him to Calvary CME Church where he subsequently became a member and committed his life to the Lord. He became very active in Calvary, serving in almost every capacity there was. He was a member of the Steward and Usher Boards, Male Chorus, Treasurer, Sunday School Teacher and its Custodian. The highlight of Curlie’s service to the Lord was becoming the Sunday School Superintendent at Calvary, which like his role model, had always been his dream. Prayer and Bible Study were very important to Curlier. His favorite area of study were the writings of the Apostle Paul. Calvary was Curlie’s home away from home. His commitment to education extended beyond his zealous study of the Bible. In 2002, Curlier received his High School diploma from Lafayette High School at the age of 81.

The Sun Sets

Curlier had an outgoing personality, coupled with a great sense of humor, which made him a joy to be around. You can ask any member of Calvary about Mr. Jackson. First they will probably smile and then they would have their own “story” to tell about Brother Jackson! Curlier transitioned from this life to Eternal Reward on September 7, 2012 at the age of 90, with his beloved wife of seventy (70) years by his side.

Essie Jackson and seven of their eight children still reside in the City of Buffalo.